Annie Little is an expert on lawyer career transitions who challenges attorneys to redefine what it means to “use” their law degree in order to be successful.

After garnering the courage to leave the practice of law, Annie developed her one-on-one coaching practice to help lawyers find the direction they need to get the careers they want. Her approach goes beyond formulaic, one-size-fits all directives and instead focuses on the unique strengths, values, and goals of each individual as she collaborates to create actionable career plans.

Websites, institutions, and publications have turned to Annie for career advice, including Law360, a LexisNexis company, Northwestern University, and Brazen Careerist. Working with attorneys all over the U.S., Annie is proving that expanding the definition of what it means to use your law degree does indeed lead to a fulfilling career. She lives in the Philly suburbs with her lawyer husband, their two small kiddos, and a couple of feral Shiba Inus.


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  • Why attorneys should stop worrying about "using" your law degree

  • Helping lawyers find the direction they need to finally get the career they want

  • Transition strategies for moving between legal careers

  • Exit strategies for leaving the practice of law


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Annie Little - Attorney Career Coach
Annie Little - Lawyer Career Coach
Annie Little - Center City


“I had a passion for something else.”

People were shocked when I told them I hired someone to coach me to leave my job, but even those of us who are highly motivated, driven people can benefit hugely from Annie. She provided the insight, perspective and motivation I needed in order to make this jump. She coached me through leaving my well-respected, well-paid and highly sought after job.

- Carly, Family Lawyer-turned-Professional Designer at Carly Waters Style, Manhattan Beach, CA

“I have goals and a plan for my career.”

I had a total lack of confidence in my value to an employer and had no idea what to do next in my career. Now I have confidence that my experience and abilities are valuable to employers and am inclined to talk about what I can do instead of what I can’t do. I have a much better strategy for approaching job applications and interviews and have a much stronger resume and cover letter template.

- Shannon, Litigation Associate, Annapolis, MD

“I had achieved every goal that we set together.”

Working with Annie for a few months helped me make more progress toward my goals than I had made in years by myself. Annie was wonderful to work with and didn’t “make” me do anything or offer quick fixes. Instead she helped me identify a path forward and then helped me to hold myself accountable. At the end of our three months together, I had achieved every goal that we set together.

-Frank, In-house Counsel, Milwaukee, WI

“I feel like I can breathe three inches deeper!”

Before I worked with Annie, I was still thinking in terms of failure and success instead of methods and actions; I wasn’t trusting myself and my plans because of the past. Now I feel like I can trust myself more -- both in what I want to accomplish and in my ability to accomplish it.

-Maggie, Corporate Counsel, Philadelphia, PA

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