Sick of Not Knowing What to Do?

What if you knew whether or not to continue practicing law?

And then…

What if you were able to identify your ideal job and create a plan to get it?

Sounds liberating, doesn’t it?


Fortunately, an uncertain career path doesn’t have to weigh on you forever.

The JD Nation Method offers customized career coaching and proven strategies that will guide you toward your ideal career with focus and tenacity.

This program will help you:

✓ Decide whether or not to stay in the law,

✓ Identify your ideal job and career, and

✓ Create a plan to get into your next job.

When I came to Annie for coaching, I felt a total lack of confidence in my value to an employer and had no idea what to do next in my career. Now not only do I have more confidence that my experience and ability are valuable to employers, I also have goals and a plan for my career. I’m able to continue to using the tools and strategies I learned for approaching job applications and creating a much stronger résumé and cover letter, as well as setting a daily plan to keep me on task and moving forward.
— Shannon, Litigator/Non-Profit Director, Maryland

 Love It Or Leave It?

With the JD Nation Method

What’s included in your coaching package:

The Love It or Leave It? program will help you figure out whether or not you want to continue practicing law by utilizing strategies to identify which jobs are a good fit (or not so much) and why. Once you make that determination, you’ll learn how to land that ideal job.

✓ 6 one-hour live coaching calls over 3 months

✓ Identifying WTF you want to do

✓ Customized, actionable job search and/or career transition plan

✓ Résumé + cover letter reviews

✓ The chance to ask me anything about how I figured out WTF I wanted to do

✓ Strategies and tools for overcoming  setbacks, uncertainty, and fear

✓ “Homework” challenges designed to inspire ACTION toward your goals

✓ Accountability systems to keep you on track (without me nagging you)

✓ Unlimited email and video access between calls

You Will find Your job!

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Since 2012 I’ve helped dozens of lawyers identify their ideal career and implement a job search strategy that allows them to do the meaningful work they’ve been craving.


You’ve been seeking a better, more fulfilling career long enough. This program will help you understand the “why” behind your search so you can finally eliminate the exhaustion and guilt of not knowing what’s next and get to work (literally and figuratively).

You can save the exhaustion and guilt for dysfunctional family reunions.

Coaching with Annie spurred me to rethink the idea of leadership and to notice that I do feel fulfilled when I have opportunities to manage and lead. I feel like I can trust myself more, both in what I want to accomplish and also in my ability to accomplish it.
— Maggie, Of Counsel/Yoga Instructor/Jewelry Designer/Communications Consultant, Pennsylvania

Instead of wallowing in the unknown,

Take control of your career

With your enrollment in this coaching program, you’ll receive strategies and resources you can use to identify what you need from your career (legal or otherwise), reignite confidence in your existing strengths, skills and experience, and create an actionable plan to get you into a job that’s the best fit for you. You’ll emerge from your career funk while discovering your ideal career path in the process.

starting at $1,195

3 monthly payments of $399

Annie provided me with excellent coaching on and invaluable insight into the difficult transitional decisions I was faced with in my career. In our time together, she helped me find the confidence and strength to act. I could always count on her cheering me on, while inspiring me to make difficult but positive changes.
— Gina, Entertainment/Corporate Lawyer + Legal Education Consultant, California