Ready to Ditch the Law?

What if you could find a job that values the strengths, skill set, and law degree you already have—but without the billable hours, egos, and legal industry bullshit?

Finding a live unicorn sounds easier, amiright?

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But in fact, I’ve helped dozens of lawyers find their calling outside the law.

The JD Nation Method offers customized career coaching and proven strategies to guide you through your career transition.

This program will help you:

✓ Gain clarity on what you want to do next,

✓ Design your exit strategy from your lawyer gig, and

✓ Create a customized, actionable plan for launching and flourishing in your new career.

People were shocked when I told them I hired someone to coach me to leave my highly-sought-after, well-paid job. But I knew even those of us who are highly motivated, driven people can benefit hugely from coaching. Annie provided the insight, perspective, and motivation that I needed in order to make this jump.
— Carly, Litigator-turned-Designer + Founder of Carly Waters Design, California

Leave the Law

with the JD Nation Method

What’s included in your coaching package:

✓ 6 one-hour live coaching calls over 3 months

✓ A “rebrand” of your skill set and experience for the nonlegal crowd

✓ A realistic, detailed timeline for leaving your lawyer gig

✓ Scripts for dealing with naysayers and well-meaning parents/partners/friends

✓ The chance to ask me anything about my career transition—no holds barred

✓ Strategies and tools for overcoming  setbacks, uncertainty, and fear

✓ “Homework” challenges designed to inspire ACTION toward your goals

✓ Accountability systems to keep you on track (without me nagging you)

✓ Unlimited email and video access between calls

The Leave the Law program will help you transition into a career free from billable hours and unreasonable expectations while guiding you through the process of identifying and breaking into your new career.

You Can Leave the law!

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Since 2012 I’ve helped dozens of lawyers identify their ideal career and implement a plan to leave the law for good.

Annie Little, coach creator of the jd nation method©

You’ve been wanting to switch careers for at least forever. This program will harness your unique motivations as you create and implement your exit strategy so you can finally eliminate the stress and exhaustion of settling for a job you hate.

It’s time to say goodbye to billable hours and hello to a better night’s sleep.

Within months of completing coaching with Annie, I passed my licensing exams and started working (successfully!) for a financial services company. Even more importantly, my zest for life has notably improved as a result of coaching and transitioning out of the law!
— Greg, Attorney-turned-Financial Advisor, Pennsylvania

Instead of spinning Your Wheels,

accelerate Your Escape from the Law

(Sounds delightfully dangerous, yeah?)

With your enrollment in this coaching program, you’ll receive strategies and resources you can use again and again to effectively communicate your value for non-legal positions, identify what you need from a job to feel successful and fulfilled, and embrace that you are indeed “using” your law degree even if you’re not in a traditional legal role. You will rediscover your confidence, enthusiasm,—not to mention your sanity—and expertly navigate your career transition in the process.

starting at $1,197

3 monthly payments of $399


Annie helped me figure out how to think outside of the box and understand that I can be more than “just a lawyer”. One of my goals when I started was to come up with a “plan B” so I didn’t feel so stuck; one that would give me options if we decided to move for my partner’s job. I now feel like my options are unlimited!
— Lindsay, Former Prosecutor, Non-Profit Director of Law + Policy, Minnesota