So What do You want to do With Your Law Degree?

You probably know what you don't want in a job, but you're struggling to figure out what exactly you do want.


✦ You search job postings online, but rarely apply because—despite your JD and years of legal experience—you somehow don’t think you’re qualified enough.

✦ Or you go to the other extreme, sending out oodles of résumés and getting little to no response.

✦ Let's not even get into all the "informational interviews" you've endured.

✦ You may even daydream about starting your own business or law firm, but stop short of pulling the trigger when fears of the unknown and failure overwhelm you.

✦ Most days you numb yourself with busy-ness, booze, or Netflix—whatever gets your mind off your dead-end lawyer gig.

And like the majority of attorneys, you ultimately end up in the same place: settling for the job you have instead of going after the one you really want.

Learn How Coaching Fits into Your

Career Crossroads

Still Feeling lost? You’re Not Alone

I’ve been where you are.

And unlike some people in your life, I want what you want.

Your well-meaning family members try to talk you out of what you want. I help you go get it.

Your colleagues tell you to “suck it up” because “it’s called work for a reason”. I call bullshit.

Your lawyer friends won’t shut up about how you HAVE to stay in your job to pay off your student loans. I know you can make money without being miserable.

Your non-lawyer friends won’t listen because they’re blinded by your trappings of success. I know the status symbols just aren’t enough anymore. 

Through coaching, we’ll work together to hone in on what you really want, create a plan for getting it, and celebrate your triumphs every actionable step of the way. 
(Yes, celebrate. Things get downright delightful around here.)

Career coaching with Annie is perfect for you if you want to start figuring out what you want to do and if you want someone to be a neutral, but positive, guiding voice. Annie listens . . . she doesn’t tell you what to do. Annie also is perfect for you if you are disillusioned with the law. She gets it. Unlike friends, family, or society, Annie will not judge you for wanting to get out.
— Jeff, Attorney + Freelance Writer, Michigan

It’s TIME TO Get Your Proverbial shit together

Finding your ideal job is about more than career assessments, résumés, and networking.

It's also a lot more difficult.

I know. The last thing you want to hear when you’re finally getting the nerve to invest your hard-earned money and limited time is that the process is arduous and messy. Oh and by the way, there’s no official, step-by-step path that will guarantee your desired outcome.

But there’s a good reason for that.


The JD Nation Method is not just a career transition framework, it’s also a process designed to help you figure out what’s at the root of your restlessness and dissatisfaction.

Before you can find the best possible job, you need to understand who you are as a person and what you need from a career.

I know it sounds like hippie dippy bullshit, but the JD Nation Method is proven to get attorneys out of the jobs they hate and into the careers they want. By going through this process with me now, you’ll be able to modify and build upon it down the road.

Phase 1: Assess + Examine

We begin by uncovering your character strengths and identifying your core values. In doing so, we learn how you perform best and what makes you tick. You provide the vocabulary to describe what’s most important to you, and together we’ll explore why your current career is failing you.


Phase 2: Imagine the possibilities

This phase is the most exciting and invigorating. Now that we know where you’ve been and where you currently are, it’s time to look to what the future could hold for you. Not what you’ve been told you can or should do, but what you would do if you knew you couldn’t fail.


Phase 3: CreatE your Career Strategy

This is the nuts and bolts phase in our process where we make a detailed plan to turn possibilities into reality. We collaborate on résumés, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, job search strategies, interviews, storytelling, and personal branding. Looking to start something on your own? We’ll work on your exit strategy, finances, business planning, and the unique challenges that come with becoming your own boss.


Phase 4: Experiment + Implement

This phase is all about putting your customized plan into action, but with a spirit of experimentation rather than perfection. You’ll challenge yourself to meet your self-designed goals, and I’ll giddily cheer you on while holding you accountable. We’ll navigate the inevitable highs and lows in your immediate job search, while extrapolating lessons you’ll be able to draw on throughout your career.

Initially I was skeptical of the whole concept of career “coaching”. At the same time, two years after I decided I wanted to change jobs, I had failed to make any progress. Working with Annie for a few months helped me make more progress towards my goals than I had made in years by myself.
— Frank, In-House Counsel-turned-Law Firm Partner, Wisconsin

The JD Nation Method is Perfect for you if:

✧ You are (or once were) a practicing attorney.

✧ You’re willing to do the foundational work that fosters long-term success.

✧ You want to create compelling, customized résumés and cover letters (yes, plural).

✧ You want to grow your professional network in an authentic, ease-filled way.

✧ You have at least two hours per week to dedicate to 1-on-1 coaching and/or “homework”.

✧ You’re looking for one-on-one accountability.

The JD Nation Method is NOT for you if:

✧ You want leads on job openings.

✧ You just want a new résumé ASAP.

✧ You’re content to bitch about your job and take zero action to create change.

✧ You’re too afraid of failure to experiment.

✧ You want someone to do the work for you.

✧ You expect to be in your dream job after three months of working together. (It has happened, but it’s rare!)

✧ You’re offended by an occasional F-bomb 😬

1-on-1 Career Coaching for Lawyers

Career coaching is a big commitment of both your time and money—both of which are at a premium. To accommodate your unique needs, schedule, and budget, each coaching package gives you the choice of one of two ways to receive your coaching: live phone calls or on-demand video messages.


Live Coaching

✦ Your 1:1 coaching happens on 60-minute phone calls.

✦ Coaching calls are scheduled during weekday business hours (Eastern Time Zone).

✦ You have unlimited email and video message access to Annie between calls.

✦ Best for you if you love the idea of interacting in real time, want to be held accountable with scheduled phone appointments, and have a reasonably predictable schedule for keeping those appointments.

✦ Starting at $1,950 for a 3-month coaching package (or $650/month).

On Demand Coaching

✦ Your 1:1 coaching occurs by exchanging confidential, recorded videos with your coach.

✦ You can view, respond to, and record your video messages when convenient for you—no phone appointments to keep.

✦ You have unlimited email and video message access to Annie during each paid month.

✦ Best for you if you love the idea of watching a video message, having time to reflect, and then responding when it fits into your schedule.

✦ Starting at $1,200 for a 3-month coaching package (or $400/month).

If you’re considering career coaching with Annie, I would say do it! Annie creates an individualized approach to coaching that is tailored to you and your aspirations. Annie helped me in a non-judgmental and empathetic way, and I felt that she understood my situation because she had been there as a dissatisfied attorney herself.
— Anna, Biglaw Employment Attorney, New York

Explore How the JD Nation Method can Help You

Annie has a very straight-forward, no-nonsense approach to helping you work through whatever your career issues are. At the same time, you feel like she cares about you as a person and is interested in what is going on in your life as a whole, not just your job path. I think this gives her better insight to helping her clients. I would recommend Annie to anyone looking for a career coach, and I have.
— Rani, Trust and Estates Attorney + Law Firm Founder, Florida