What Lawyers Can Learn from Summer Camp

I was a counselor at summer camp. Sounds banal enough. But what would you say if I told you some of my campers were older than me?

I went to summer camp for grown-ass women, and it was even more than I hoped it’d be.

I decided to go because I hadn’t spent more than a few hours away from my two-year-old since the day after she was born. So despite the discomfort I felt from the mere idea of leaving her (in very capable hands) for six days, I booked a flight to Asheville, NC.

I knew I needed some time to reconnect with myself as an individual. To have the opportunity to run around in the rain, the uninterrupted time to make friendship bracelets and the freedom to swear recklessly.

What I didn’t realize is how badly I needed to connect with others outside my persona as a mama, wife and lawyer/career coach.

We used camp nicknames the entire time, too. So to everyone there, I was simply Sassafras.

Not Annie the lawyer who no longer practices law. Not Annie the first-time mama who didn’t sleep for the first 22 months of her kiddo’s life. Not Annie the extroverted introvert who has a serious case of FOMO.

Of course, as I got to know people, they learned these characteristics of mine. But they weren’t as relevant to our ability to connect as you might think.

Before we even arrived at camp, we were already connected by our desire to share openly, listen wholeheartedly and welcome the kind of unabashed joy that only a kid at camp usually gets to experience.

That underlying commonality allowed us to bond incredibly quickly.

After just five days together, we returned home with a new cohort of soul sisters. We stay in touch via our private Facebook group, text and even snail mail to reminisce about the magic of camp, share our struggles since returning home and support each other as we integrate the lessons we've learned into our daily lives.

Because camp was just the beginning for us.

I created the Career Clarity Clinic group coaching program to foster the same kind of connection among lawyers who are looking to make a conscious, positive change in their careers.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a litigator or transactional attorney, gainfully employed or in between jobs, looking to leave the practice of law entirely or to simply find a better fitting legal job. As long as you have the desire and determination to implement a step-by-step plan of your creation to get you into your ideal job, you’ll fit right in.

You won't have to pretend that all the trappings of success are enough despite your intense dissatisfaction with your career. You won't have to worry about anyone thinking you're a failure or that you can't "hack it" as a lawyer because you want a different job.

You won't have to  worry about fulfilling the expectations that others have placed upon you.

Instead, you’ll come away from the Clinic not only having taken measurable steps toward getting your ideal job, but also with the skills, confidence and support of like-minded lawyers to continue on the career path of your choosing. All of which will serve you for the months and years to come--especially the bond you’ll share with your fellow lawyers as you take on one of the most challenging transitions of your career.

Because the Clinic is just the beginning for you.

If you’re frustrated with your current job and seeking the support and accountability to actively pursue a career that is best suited to your strengths, values and interests, the Career Clarity Clinic is for you.

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