I believe you can do anything with your law degree.

That being said, a law degree on its own isn't worth much.


But if you’ve earned a JD and practiced law for any period of time, you’ve acquired a unique skill set—one that can propel you to a successful career of your choosing.

The key to success is determining the best use of your law degree.

As it turns out, practicing law wasn’t the best use of my law degree.

I’m Annie Little, an attorney-turned-career coach whose insight could be exactly what you need to finally discover the career you want.


There’s more to you than being a lawyer

I help attorneys find meaningful work in the law or leave the law entirely because I understand the high-stakes frustration of feeling trapped in a lawyer gig.


For me, it took more than two agonizing years of ennui, anxiety, and health problems before I could admit my career needed a serious overhaul. Not only because my physical and mental health had suffered, but also because I couldn’t imagine my future children knowing me as an attorney.

I didn't want them to see a miserable person who pushed herself to exhaustion and depression for a career she no longer enjoyed. I’m only willing to endure that level of misery for child-rearing.

Now that my two kiddos are here, my goal is to show them that success doesn't have to come at the price of their happiness, financial security, or personal integrity.

You Can be successful Without Sacrificing Your well-being, livelihood or self-respect

With my approach to career coaching, you’ll leverage the strengths and skills you already have in order to discover (and get!) the job you want.


What makes the jd nation Method different? 

You receive a personalized, holistic approach to career coaching.

Having practiced law for seven years, I understand being a lawyer is more than just an occupation. It’s a lifestyle. For better or for worse, your identity is very much intertwined with your job title.

Here’s what sets the JD Nation Method of career coaching apart:

  1. We don’t rely on career and personality assessments.

  2. We practice experimentation over perfection.

  3. We draw from the discipline of positive psychology, meeting you where you are and amplifying your existing strengths and core values.

  4. We implement proven strategies and tools by tailoring them to your unique strengths, values, experience and career goals.

 Ready to Expect More From Your Career?